Instructional Design

Get to know a little better what we do in practice. We have our bias, because we love what we do. But let's try to be impartial here.

Course & lessons

Creation of educational content, courses and learning paths with agile methodology for efficient delivery.


Scripts for courses and lessons

Planning and writing lesson scripts, ready for teleprompter and recording.


Course production

Classes, courses and complete programs, with multiple media formats and educational objects.


Creation of various educational objects

Planning of educational elements in different formats, such as PDF, PPT, interactive ppt, quizzes, drag n drop, and many others.

Tutorials & how-tos

Creating content and platforms that prioritize your customers' needs is crucial for product education and process learning.


Mass production

Articles for base of knowledge, video tutorial for your platforms, and various interactive materials to educate your customer.


Content management

Planning and management of learning paths, whether on a knowledge base, YouTube playlist or otherwise.

Make sure you hire the best instructional design agency.

When we decided to create Poly, we were seeing a scenario of outdated education professionals, using theories and techniques designed for universities. They forgot that technologies have evolved or that there are other applications of instructional design.

We are an agency that also thinks about businesses. We are here to increase your revenue and give you results. We didn't come to sugarcoat things.

Let's start creating content


We have clients all over the world, such as Canada, the US, Brazil, Austria and other countries.


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First Steps in Instructional Design

An introduction to the theories and foundations in Education

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