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We manage your online school and create educational content.

What we do:

Courses & Lessons

Creation of educational content, courses and learning paths with agile methodology for efficient delivery.

Educational Platforms

We set up and manage your educational platform, adapting it to your needs and brand.

Instructional design is the engineering that bridges what the student needs to learn, how to teach and how to create effective educational content.

What you can expect:

User experience improvement

Instructional Design allows you to create an intuitive and enjoyable navigation experience for students on your website. It helps to organize and present the content clearly and coherently, facilitating the understanding and absorption of information and thinking about your student's entire journey.

Increased engagement

With a well-crafted Instructional Design, you can engage your students more meaningfully. By using interactive elements, attractive visual resources and gamification strategies, you can stimulate students' interest and engagement with your school's content.

Learning enhancement

Instructional Design is widely used in corporate environments, and its techniques can be applied to the development of content so that it is actually efficient. Creating well-structured learning sequences, interactive activities, and relevant assessments can provide a more effective learning experience for your students.

Achieving organizational goals

Instructional Design allows you to align your content with organizational goals. By identifying your organization's goals, you can design instructional strategies that direct students toward achieving those goals. This could include promoting products or services, disseminating relevant information or directing students to specific actions.


Companies we worked with


Humberto Campos, CEO @ Utoo

"As much as many consultancies sell a magic formula for strategies, in practice, it is clear that nothing is trivial and that it does not fit in any pre-formatted template. Poly thinks, experiences, breathes, absorbs business pains and discusses solutions, generating creative alternatives and always with an educational context for customers, suppliers, partners and the business itself."

Thalles Paz, Head of CS @ Bling

"At Bling, Poly helped us to scale our video content creation operation, strengthening our YouTube channel and making it clearer for our customers' ways to solve their doubts and difficulties with our tool."

Robson Ferreira, Product Manager @ Lead Lovers

"LeadLovers, with the great help of Poly, now better understands the educational dynamics, how to organize materials, and how to deliver value to our customers through teaching materials, especially in separating technical and educational content."

Ricardo Dória, CEO @ Aldeia

"Ivan has an enormous capacity to make things happen. Results-oriented, he has a generalist view of the education universe and navigates very well in changing environments. At Aldeia, he was instrumental in several moments of transformation, as his capacity for abstraction and experimentation allowed him to formulate new scenarios and adapt quickly."

Ana Martini, B2C Manager @ SOAP School

"Poly came highly recommended. From the start, I already brought in-depth knowledge of the market and a complete and innovative course menu. Working with Ivan is a great learning experience every day. He is very committed to the quality of deliveries. Super I recommend."

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We have clients all over the world, such as Canada, the US, Brazil, Austria and other countries.


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Poly Studio - Instructional Design & Education Product Management agency

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