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Common Questions

How's the process

Thank you for your question! Typically, we begin by holding a meeting to gather all the necessary information for me to create and send the first proposal. After that, we make any necessary adjustments, send out the contract, and start working. Payment is received with each delivery, as outlined in both the proposal and contract. As a general practice, I prefer to make several small deliveries to avoid waiting for the finished project and to allow for any needed changes. While the initial process requires a good amount of communication, I am adaptable and strive to ensure a smooth workflow.

How is the billing?

I charge for one-off contracts on an hourly basis and provide you with a detailed report of the hours worked and how they were utilized. The charges are based on this report and you can set a maximum limit to ensure that I never exceed it. In case a project requires more time, I will inform you beforehand. Additionally, I assure you that there will be no additional charges in case of any mistakes on my part.

Do you work on a monthly contract?

I actually prefer signing a monthly contract with multiple deliveries as it allows me to charge a fixed amount instead of hourly rates. I am confident in the quality of my service and do not require a minimum stay period. 

What about the copyright issue?

The content belongs entirely to you, as stated in the contract. We offer services to create educational content in various formats such as text, ebooks, podcasts, and courses. The choice of format is entirely yours to make.

Do you own a recording studio?

Yes. However, the recording and editing process is not as refined as a video production company. Therefore, if necessary, we have partners.

Do you understand LMS and uploading materials?

Absolutely. During the initial briefing, I request this information to assess the client's requirements. It's important to note that every LMS has its unique features, and selecting one depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Do you take care of the graphic design?

We handle all of the design work, including creating this entire website and all of our copyrighted materials in-house. If there is a need for any additional or specialized services, we have reliable partners to assist us.

How is your customer service?

Eu atuo de segunda a sexta, das 9h às 17h. O suporte via mensagem/whats não tem limite e, para contrato mensais, reuniões com equipes não são cobradas. Eu sou professor na área de atendimento, então pode contar com um serviço bem prestativo e consultivo 🙂 

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